About Us

Based in the Philippines, Asvesti Paint provides premium limewash paint products that are revolutionizing the way consumers can update their homes in a trusted and cost-effective way.

Rooted in a philosophy of providing paint solutions that are free from harmful elements, Asvesti’s founders have created an easily accessible solution for homeowners to improve their homes.

Each easy application allows our consumers to see their vision for their home’s designs come to life, in a unique and personalized matter that is truly the hallmark of limewash paint. 


Our Team

Drawing inspiration from their own passions for home décor and design layouts, the Asvesti founders from the start set out to create one of the key elements that interior design enthusiasts search for: easy to use solutions that are suited for any home.

Every item provided by Asvesti is known for its premium quality and high-quality results, which has led to a loyal customer base that has been supporting our brand for years.


Our Mission

To consistently provide premium limewash paint solutions that will solve the pain points of our customers when it comes to their home upgrades.


Our Vision

To become and remain the number one provider of limewash products in the Philippines and beyond, underpinned by the trust that we have created through our proven premium offerings.


Our Values

At Asvesti, we value:

  • Providing eco-friendly limewash paint to our customers that are free from harmful chemicals or other dangerous elements.
  • Tapping into the needs of our customers for making the switch from traditional paints to natural paints.
  • Giving consumers a cost-effective solution that they can use to update the look of their homes.
  • Allowing our users to achieve incredible effects and details with every application of our limewash paints that are breathable and can easily be prepared from their powder form.
  • Providing various colour varieties for our customers to choose from.
  • Empowering our supporters to bring classic, timeless looks that last to life.
  • Being a home improvement partner that perfectly aligns with other home projects that our customers undertake.
  • Supporting a centuries-old paint practice that brings a unique touch with every application, giving every home a classic look that will match any décor theme or colour scheme.


What Makes Asvesti Different?

Asvesti saw the need in the Philippines especially for a more accessible way to find limewash paint and tap into this timeless home décor style.

However, we know how important it is to get access to paint solutions that are perfect for DIY and to quickly transform the look and feel of a home, which is why we stock premium brushes too that are ideal when using our paints.

We empower our customers to experience the joy and freedom that limewash paint offers, and we look forward to continuing to assist our support base with perfect home solutions that last, and to collaborating with like-minded partners to create perfect customer solutions.