Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much wall space can you expect to cover with 1 kg limewash paint from Asvesti?
When used according to instructions, you will get about 8 to 10 sqm in double coats.

2. How much wall space will you be able to cover with 500 g Asvesti limewash paint?

When used according to instructions, 4 to 5 sqm in double coats.

3. What is the cost of 1 kg Asvesti limewash paint?
1,180 pesos.

4. How much does 500 g Asvesti limewash paint cost?
520 - 615 pesos.

5. Is this a ready-to-use paint?
Our Asvesti limewash paint comes in a powder form plus with an adhesive that you have to mix with water to produce a mixture, simply follow the instructions on the pack.

When choosing a colour it is always best to order our colour swatches first in order to get a better idea of what the colour looks like in real-life. The colours on your digital screens (such as your computer or mobile phone) are only as accurate as the colour calibration on the device you are using!

6. Is an adhesive included in my limewash package?
Yes, you will find it inside the brown bag together with powder paint. You can also use any type of clean water to mix with it

7. Does limewash paint smell bad?
Not at all! Limewash paint is water-based and odour-free, plus it is environmentally friendly, has no VOC, and it is non-toxic, making it safe for use on every wall surface in your home.

8. Do you provide painting services as well? 
Not at this stage; however, our limewash paint is easy for DIY and we would be happy to provide tips if you are unsure how to start. 

9. Is it easy to apply Asvesti limewash paint, or do I need to contact a professional painter?
Asvesti limewash paint is super easy to use as a DIY paint finish. Plus, the way that you apply your paint will give a unique look to your wall finishes.

10. How long will my limewash paint last once it is mixed with water?
More or less 6-8 hours. Since this is lime-based paint it will likely harden within 24 hrs. As a rule of thumb, continuously stir your paint in its bucket from time to time during the whole painting process

11. How long does it take for walls painted with Asvesti limewash paint to dry?
Your painted surface will be dry just 1 hour after application, but keep in mind that will only be fully dry after about 72 hours to a week. You can apply your second paint layer as soon as the first layer has dried. You will know when it is dry as the colour will become much lighter (usually within 1-2 hours, depending on the humidity). Normally, two layers will give a good result, but in some cases, more layers might be needed to get the colour results that you want.

12. Can I apply my limewash paint on walls that have been painted before?You can apply your limewash paint directly to bare/unpainted/plastered walls or with existing matte or semi-matte paint. If you want to apply your paint to glossy or semi-gloss surfaces, you will need a primer; also, for materials such as board or wood, you need a concrete/wood primer before applying your Asvesti limewash paint. Remember, you need to apply your primer first to ensure that colours are consistent.

13. Is limewash paint okay for outdoor use? 
For both outdoor, wet areas and those prone to staining, such as kitchen, dining or bathroom walls, you need a heavy-duty concrete/wood sealer (matte/glossy) for added protection and to make it easy to clean. 

The colour will just be slightly darker once the sealer is applied. Asvesti paint is ideal for most indoor surfaces, and works best when absorbed into the wall so it will leave the surface breathable. Therefore, the surface is protected by its anti-fungal properties which mean fewer chances of mould growth.

14. Can I use my limewash paint for the exterior of my home? 
If you would like to use your limewash paint for exteriors, bear in mind that you need to apply a sealer to protect the area: this is any type of heavy-duty concrete/wood sealer. You could also choose a matte or glossy finish sealer. Kindly note: the sealer will make your paint shade appear darker. 

15. Can I use my limewash paint to paint floors in my home?
We do not suggest applying your paint to floors, as these are heavy foot traffic; however, if you do want to give it a try, just ensure that you apply a heavy-duty sealer.

16. How do I clean a wall that was painted with Asvesti limewash paint?
Applying another coat is the best way to clean the wall. We suggest that you apply a sealer if you want to ensure that your painted wall is easy to clean.

 However, if you do not want to use sealer in areas such as your kitchen, avoid oil splashes, as these will be difficult to clean. 

17. Can I remove Asvesti limewash paint if needed?
You can apply a new coat of paint directly to the new paint once you have decided to change the paint - just ensure that your previous layer is completely dry.

18. How long will it last if I use Asvesti paint on my walls?
Our Asvesti limewash paint will last on your walls for 5-7years. It might fade as the time passed by but it won’t be peeled or chipped off.

19. Do you have a physical store?
Yes, you can buy our paints directly in our showrooms at Picanti, Greenbelt 5, 3/F; and at Picanti, Ayala Malls Manila Bay, 4/F. You can also check out our actual swatches in our showrooms. 

We do also have online stores in Lazada and Shopee, just search for “Asvesti”, or you may also shop here on Instagram. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.